OSSAMS Meeting Minutes

Aug 24 – Cody, Adrien, & Darryl


  • Cody – Progress made on GCWN GOLD PowerShell scripts
  • Cody – Reviewed the PowerShell export XML format and discussed long term to create a custom format for OSSAMS collected data
  • Cody – target scripts for Gold Paper is File Systems, AD, and IIS
  • Adrien – reviewed a SANS white paper he is starting for around the scripts he is creating for OSSAMS.  The scripts are used to parse the out from various assessment tools into a supportable XML and the import data into a database.
  • Adrien – The SANS document outlines in detail the data mapping content.
  • Darryl – Working on data normalization and data structure
  • Darryl – updated Wiki with task list and will begin uploading data files on wiki.

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