OSSAMS Meeting Minutes 9 Nov 2011

Cody has completed the alpha code for the PowerShell AD ACL Parser for his GWCN Gold paper.  He plans on putting the final touches on the script and completing the paper over the next week.

Darryl has:

  • Analyzed output (test data) for the following tools in order to create tool-specific normalized data models for each tool (Acunetix, Burp, Nessus, Netsparker, Nikto, NMap, SSLScan, W3AF, Watcher, Xprobe2 and ZAP)
  • Acunetix model completed to determine the acceptability of using MySQL workbench for ER (logical) and draft physical data structure including table names, attributes, primary and foreign keys and data types.
  • Next steps: complete data model; load MySQL OSSAMS instance with test data for final analysis of commonalities through team working session.

Adrien has been working on fine tuning his python scripts.


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