Presentations Mentioning OSSAMS

The following posts are presentations made by the OSSAMS teams to the security community that mention the OSSAMS project.

Security Testing Automation and Reporting SecTor 2011 by Adrien de Beaupré at SecTor-2011

Security Testing Automation and Reporting by Adrien de Beaupré at SANSFire DC 2011 for SANS@Night

Security Testing Automation and Reporting by Adrien de Beaupré presented to ISSA Ottawa 26 May 2011

Initial Presentation to Team by Cody to Adrien and Darryl about OSSAMS



  1. Richard Pultz says:

    Mr. Adrien de Beaupré,

    I very much enjoyed and was piqued by your presentation at SANSFire in DC regarding the OSSAMS project. I understand the project is still in its infancy, but I am rather eager to explore its possibilities and am hoping that I could be provided access to an early iteration of OSSAMS. I’d be happy to provide my humble feedback. If that is possible, then great. If it is not possible at this time, then I’ll be looking forward to your first release. Thank you much for the efforts that Mr.Dumont, Mr.Williams, and yourself have embarked upon. I look forward to your great success, because clearly there’s a better way and OSSAMS looks to be heading in quite the right direction.

    Kind regards,
    Richard Pultz

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